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Functional Medicine in Utah

Functional Medicine Care

Advanced Integrated Medical is pleased to offer functional medicine treatment options, the most cutting-edge therapies in the world. At Advanced Integrated Medical we utilize processes to restore normal function and resolve the causes of pain. Including but not limited to a variety of therapies specifically tailored to your specific needs. Personalized consultations, injectable vitamin therapy, and a comprehensive detox program are available if you are looking to lose weight, reduce pain, and boost energy.

At A.I.M. we offer the most advanced, evidence-based therapies to optimize function and wellness.

Wharton's Jelly Injections

What is Functional Medicine?

This fast growing, highly effective treatment option utilizes various treatments that may include Human Cellular Tissue Products that may contain growth factors including, umbilical allografts, and platelet rich plasma or PRP treatments to provide cushioning and support and along with our other services such as diet, nutrition and exercise can help restore your body to a healthy level. The combination of these treatments can help provide relief from injuries and chronic pain. All of these treatments are natural and together helps combat the effects of aging.

Our team of doctors will design a customized treatment program just for you. A custom program is far more effective than a "one size fits all" treatment option. Our solutions are designed to help your body truly heal rather than simply mask your symptoms.

What Conditions Can Be Treated with Functional MedicineTherapies?

What are the Most Effective Human Cellular Tissue Products?

The birth tissue allografts are derived from healthy, consenting mothers after full-term, live, planned, Cesarean section (C-section) deliveries. Donors are healthy women who are thoroughly screened for risk factors and clinical evidence of relevant communicable diseases. A careful medical and social history is collected in advance to ensure the donor meets all eligibility requirements.

These non-embryonic tissues undergo extensive medical, social, and blood testing before processing. Only tissue cleared after this stringent screening regimen is processed and re-tested under standards established by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and FDA requirements. Wharton’s jelly allografts are processed to preserve the structural integrity and original relevant characteristics of Wharton’s jelly as observed in the donor and is intended for homologous use only. These products are ethically derived and do not contain any material obtained from an embryo or fetus. The birth tissue allografts are derived from healthy, consenting mothers after full-term, live, planned, Cesarean section (C-section) deliveries.

This connective tissue contains high amounts of extracellular matrix components including collagen types I, III, and V, elastin, and fibronectin that provide a natural scaffold to facilitate cellular adhesion1, 2. Wharton’s jelly primarily provides cushioning and structural support to the umbilical cord but also contains a natural source of long-chain hyaluronic acid as well as numerous cytokines and growth factors. Studies have described placental tissues to be “immune privileged” as they rarely evoke an immune response in the body, reducing the risk of adverse reaction.


A defect is defined as missing or damaged tissue in the body. Missing or damaged tissue often compromises the stability and structural integrity of its surrounding area, providing for a wide array of symptoms.


Wharton’s jelly structural connective tissue allograft provides cushioning and structural support to the site of a defect. Wharton’s jelly is processed to preserve the structural integrity and original characteristics of the connective tissue relating to its utility to supplement missing or damaged tissue in the recipient. If you may be dealing with a structural defect, ask your physician if you could benefit from connective tissue supplementation.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

The most active healing cells contained in your blood are called platelets. When your body signals that it is injured, platelets are attracted to the injured area. They then go to work repairing that area. To focus this healing power intensively on your injury, we extract a small quantity of your blood. The next step is to process it and isolate the platelets in clear plasma. This platelet-rich plasma will then be returned to your injured area. PRP treatments of knees, shoulders, muscles, tendons and other parts of the body have proven remarkably effective.

What Results can I Expect from Functional Medicine

Most often the fastest relief after a regenerative medicine treatment comes from the anti-inflammatory properties of the injection. The longer-term results are the result of your body healing itself and restoring the damaged tissue. These procedures regenerate cells, tissue, bone, ligaments, tendons muscles, cartilage, and more. Human Cellular Tissue Products are found to help those with heart conditions, alopecia, peripheral neuropathy, skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, etc.

Choosing regenerative medical treatment options and regenerative cell therapy helps your body tap into its youthful healing potential.

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